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Thinking about fabric requirements

Fabric can be thought of as square inches.

If the quilt you are making is going to be 80" x 80", that would be a total of 80 x 80 = 6400 square inches.

So, we know going into the project that the total amount of fabric for the quilt top will be over 6400 in2.

But, we have to allow for waste.  Where we are piecing, there is seam allowance to figure in... let's add 5% for that.  Then what about pattern placement... add 10%.  Human error? Let's add 10%.


6400 x 25% = 1600 in2 extra, totaling 8000 in2

Now, how many yards is that?

8000 / 42 = approx 190 inches linearly

190 / 36" per yard = 5.28 yards

So, the total yardage we've estimated for the quilt top is approx 5 and a quarter yards.

The above is just an example of a way of thinking about fabric requirements... YMMV.

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